Cloud Architect Consultants

Every new Young Robot client meets with one of our expert consultants before we even begin your transition to the cloud. Your consultant will work to understand your business to assist with the careful selection of suitable software and policy and to assist in the adaptation of business processes.

The lead time for delivery can be as short as only a few days, with more complex deployments taking as long as a month. Your consultant will be with you every step of the way from design and installation through to migration and delivery. Your consultant will be on hand to ensure a smooth transition and to ensure that we continue to adapt your systems to meet your specific requirements.

Our solutions are not one size fits all, but a showcase and deployment of best-of-breed software and services, helping you to utilize our platform to its full potential to enhance productivity and operational efficiency. Our consultants are advocates for your business who take that responsibility seriously.


Typical delivery schedule

  • Examine existing systems to understand current business processes.
  • Audit suitability of network infrastructure and hardware compatibility.
  • Determine specific licensing requirements for your business.
  • Price solution and deliver a recommendation proposal.
  • Delivery and roll-out of cloud hosted solution.
  • Revisit weekly for the first month to ensure client is satisfied with level of service and adaptation.

Ongoing adaptation and refinement

Once your solution has been delivered your consultant will revisit your business every 3 months, free of charge, to assess how efficiently and adequately the solution is meeting your requirements. Our consultants are available at discounted rates to assist with the development, implementation and project management of bespoke software and web services.