Why Young Robot?

What makes us different?

Today’s increasingly-mobile workforce wants seamless, reliable, anytime access to their applications and data on a growing set of devices such as laptops, mobile devices, and home PCs. In addressing these user demands, IT must also maintain compliance and manage the corporate environment responsibly and efficiently.

Young Robot Hosted Desktop bridges these requirements by delivering a comprehensive solution giving users the flexibility to work everywhere on a versatile range of devices, while simplifying compliance and management through a centralized and unified infrastructure.

Easy to use
Access your secure personal desktop in under 5 seconds using our custom USB keys.
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End-to-end delivery
Includes networking hardware and dual high speed, low latency, resilient internet connections bundled as part of your package for total service delivery.
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Virtual App Store
Stream the latest versions of popular business applications from Microsoft, Adobe and many more from our virtual app store. No need to install, just click and use on demand.
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Professional advice and assistance in configuring a solution to meet your needs. Our consultants work to understand your business and assist in the adaptation and evolution of business processes.
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We source locally
Local data centers results in lower latency, faster performance and minimal exposure to non-domestic privacy and data laws. Our service will always be supported by Vancouver based technicians and engineers.
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Local NAS Backup
You own your data at all times by keeping a secure, encrypted copy of all your business data, held locally at your site.
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Feature rich
Every solution is packed with a comprehensive feature set, including additional fonts, clipart, label printing, barcoding, PDF creation, image manipulation and document management, storage and retrieval tools as standard.
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Go Green
Our data centered is powered by clean, green energy. Old hardware can be redeployed instead of heading to the landfill. Ultra-efficient thin client terminals can reduce energy demands by as much as 95%
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But the primary reason why you should choose us?

Dedication to a high level of customer service excellence.

We put our money where our mouth is. We don’t tie our customers into long term contracts. In fact, the only contract we offer is month-to-month. We work hard to keep you happy because we know that you are free to leave us at any time. As part of the service we synchronize a copy of all your data to a local encrypted NAS device, ensuring piece-of-mind that you always have a copy of all your corporate data, independent of our service. We remove the risk of transitioning to our service by operating transparently, fairly and equitably.

If you choose to not renew your Hosted Desktop service, your data will be returned to you then wiped from the hosting servers. Young Robot do not retain a copy of your business data, in accordance with CICA5970 compliancy policies.

Lex Majere
Young Robot have supplied the backbone that delivers IT to our entire organization for the past three years. The service is consistent and reliable … I am constantly impressed by their rapid response to support requests and the passion of their team for continued improvement.
Lex Majere NextGEM WebHostWorks.net