Core Benefits

Core Benefits of a Young Robot solution

  • Consistent end-user experience, regardless of physical location and access device.
  • Subscribe to the latest versions of productivity, collaboration and communication software.
  • Fixed monthly fee includes 24/7 technical support and a 100% uptime guarantee.
  • Deploy and host custom in-house applications including Accounting, SQL and CRM.
  • Live data backup, disaster recovery planningĀ and fully redundant failover standby servers.
  • Scalable platform that delivers the agility to grow on-demand.
  Traditional IT Delivery - vs - Young Robot Solution
Budgeting Management time tied up in budgeting and managing the IT department IT department refocused on developing business processes around cloud technology. Simplified budgeting and cash flow management.
Licensing Need to acquire, file, manage and deploy software licenses. Costly upgrades as new versions are released. Software licenses included in subscription. Software assurance includes updates to new versions. Source and deploy new applications on-demand.
Maintenance In-house systems prone to downtime for maintenance, upgrades and software updates. Inconsistent versions and updates between workstations. Not easy to roll-back changes. 100% uptime backed by Service Level Agreement. Change management of updates from a central location ensuring consistency in delivery.
Support Heavy dependence on person(s) acting as system administrator(s). 24/7 access to a diverse pool of skilled engineers, technicians and consultants.
Scalability Weak scalability – system becomes oversized in recessions, undersized during times of growth. Agile on-demand scalablity – pay per-user-per-month.
Continuity Heavy disruption in the event of breakdown or moving offices. Business continutity solutions become disproportionate to cost of implementation. Systems hosted in state-of-the-art data centres and accessible anywhere an internet connection can be found. Real-time replication of live systems with automatic failover for seamless continuity.
Threats Constant need to reactively update anti-virus and spam filters. Proactive management of industry leading security tools across all devices.
Backup Backup can be erratic and backup failures are a threat. Professionally managed live backups with secure off-site storage.
Security Mission critical applications and files endangered by the limitations of system security, raising legal compliance issues and survival concerns in the event of a disaster. Industry leading security and compliance processes backed by guaranteed business continuity.
Cost Heavy capital expenditure and continued operating costs and overheads. Danger of unpredictable costs in the event of a breakdown. No capital expenditure – redeploy and reutilize old hardware. Predictable, fixed cost per-user-per-month inclusive of all support and maintenance.

Departmental benefits of a Young Robot solution

1 Access your desktop, email, sales literature, and CRM system from an internet cafe, on your laptop, iPad or cellphone while on the road.

2 Collaborate in real-time on documents from any location with colleagues, contractors, clients or prospects.

3 The loss, theft or destruction of a company device no longer means the loss of business data or intelligence, since all information is held securely in the cloud.

1 Benefit from true hot-desking, with your personal desktop, applications and data accessible from any terminal.

2 Benefit from working with the latest versions of Windows, Office, SharePoint and Exchange, ensuring compatibility with all document formats received from external sources.

3 Our hybrid cloud infrastructure delivers a secure private cloud for your network whilst bridging seamlessly to the best of the public cloud.

1 Quickly provision secure access to centralized business critical applications and data to new employees or contractors by efficiently adding or removing users on your network.

2 Empower your entire workforce to be truly mobile by delivering the capability to access corporate applications and data anywhere, anytime, on-demand.

3 Take back controlĀ over which applications and websites are accessible to staff, helping manage productivity by reducing the amount of time spent pursuing personal interests on company time.

1 Leverage company investments already made for current desktops, laptops and network hardware. Reusing old hardware will still deliver a consistent experience to all users.

2 By moving from traditional Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) to tax efficient Operational Expenditure (OPEX), IT costs become predictable, enabling accurate budgeting or forecasting of IT expenditures for the entire organization.

3 Maintain corporate compliance by addressing licensing, security and storage concerns.

1 Eliminate the need to ever install, configure or maintain software and updates for each local workstation. As new software versions and patches are released your centralized desktop image will be change managed and updated at no additional cost.

2 Business critical systems are housed geographically away from your offices, protecting you against unforeseen disasters. Live backups ensure you can easily and quickly recover previous versions of deleted data and documents.

3 Eliminate downtime, crashes, freezing, reboots or worries of RAM shortages or processing capabilities.