Young Robot are evolving the desktop experience.

Our hosted desktop looks and feels like a regular PC, but the server hardware, software and your business data are located in our secure, reliable and local data center facilities.

Every user has access to their personal hosted desktop anywhere, anytime over secure internet connections from existing Windows or Mac computers. Hosted desktop delivers a consistent, user-friendly and personalized experience on a versatile range of devices including tablets and mobile phones. Hardware of almost any age can be reprovisioned to deliver dependable access, putting an end to costly refresh cycles.

A Young Robot hosted desktop offers all the benefits of true mobile access, guaranteed reliability and industry leading data security whilst delivering reduced complexity for as little as $1/day per user.

Top five benefits

1 Access your personal desktop, applications and documents with ease from any location, on any device.

2 Subscribe to the latest editions of all Microsoft software, including Windows, Office, SharePoint and Exchange with managed updates and patching.

3 Scale on-demand and provision temporary access to contractors by adding or removing users from your network with a few simple clicks.

4 Our service is backed with a 100% uptime guarantee, access to 24/7 technical support and managed by highly skilled engineers.

5 Pay a low monthly premium per user for total end-to-end IT delivery.

Is your business…?

  • Facing costly upgrades?
  • Meeting demand to grow?
  • Moving office or sites?
  • Inconsistent software versions?
  • Supporting mobile users?
  • Meeting seasonal demand?
  • Enabling hot desk capability?
  • Recovering from a disaster?
  • Breached security?
  • Protection against viruses?
  • IT staff overstretched?
  • Eliminating downtime?
  • No in-house IT experience?
  • Aging IT Infrastructure?

If your business is facing IT challenges, Young Robot hosted desktop could be the perfect solution to meet your needs.